2023 - Montreal

Overview of the Aluminium Market

Mr. Zaid Aljanabi
CRU Group

East River Market Updates 2023 (Chinese Coal Tar & Coal Tar Pitch)

Mr. Zhou Baogang
East River Asia Limited

Carbon Black Feedstock Market Review

Mr. Vince Guercio
CTC International Inc.

Update on Metallurgical Coke Market & Production

Mr. Andrew Jones

India's Coal Tar Industry Overview

Anil Khatri
Epsilon Carbon Pvt. Ltd.

Status and prospect of Chinese Aluminum & Anode Industry

Dr. Fengqin Liu
University of Science and Technology Beijing

Coal Tar Distillate/Creosote: Testing Program

Dr. Nicholas P. Skoulis
Creosote Council III

Eastern European Coal Tar Market A.D. 2023

Dr. Zygmunt Stompel

Impact of Russia - Ukraine War on Carbon Black Balance in Europe

Mr. Jakub Szwajka

North American Coal Tar Market Outlook

Mr. Greg Traczek
Rain Carbon

China Lithium Battery Anode 2023 Update

Mr. Deng Xiaoxing
East River Asia Limited