2018 - San Francisco

2018 European Coal Tar and Coal Tar Distillation Market Overview – “business as usual”

Dr. Zygmunt Stompel, Consultant, Katowice, Poland

2018 Global Aluminum Market Overview

Mr. Justin Hughes, Principal Consultant
CRU Analysis, London, United Kingdom

China Coal Tar and Coal Tar Pitch Market Update 2018

Mr. Zhou Baogang
East River Asia Limited, Tianjin, China

Current IARC Cancer Hazard Classifications for PAH-Involved Industries are Out-Of-Date

Dr. Anne P. LeHuray, Ph.D.
Chemical Management Associates, LLC, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Carbon Black Feedstock in Europe and the Americas

Mr. Vincent Guercio
CTC International Inc., Montclair, NJ, USA

2019 Global Ocean Freight Market Overview

Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery, Principal
Pacific Rim Shipbrokers, Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

Distillation/Crystallization Hybrid Systems For Optimized Processing of Naphthalene Rich Streams

Mr. Etienne Rigaut, Senior Sales Manager Fractional Crystallization
Sulzer Chemtech Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland

China’s Coking Industry Review, Including Policy, Integration Situation and China’s Coal Tar Supply

Mi Zhang
Baiinfo, Beijing, China

Chinese Anode Production at MZAS and Anode Market Overview,
including the impact of environmental regulations on the industry

Mr. Yasuaki Nakagawa
Mitsubishi International Corporation, Energy Business Group, Houston, Texas

Aluminum Markets 2018 – A Trader’s Perspective

Mr. Laurence A. Goldfarb, President
Laurand Associates, Inc

Overview & Outlook of Chinese Aluminum Industry 2018

Ms. Fengqin Liu, Professor
University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, China

Global Naphthalene Market Review 2018

Mr. Deng Xiaoxing
East River Asia Limited, Beijing, China

Indian Industry Outlook on Coal Tar and Downstream Products

Mr. Mohinder Kumar Singhania, Director and CEO
Epsilon Carbon, Mumbai, India

Specialty Carbon Market Overview

Mr. Tanno Yasushi, Manager, Overseas Sales & Marketing Department
Nippon Techno Carbon Co., Inc., Tokyo, Japan