2021 - Virtual

Robust Aluminium Fundamentals will send the prices higher in 2021 H2

Ms. Wan Ling

India’s Coal Tar Market Industry Review 2021

Vikram Handa
Epsilon Carbon Pvt Ltd

European Coal Tar Industry A.D. 2021 - A View from Poland

Dr. Zygmunt Stompel

China’s Coal Tar supply outlook under its ban on Australian coal

Ms. Julia Du

Chinese Aluminum Industry Review 2021

Dr. Fengqin Liu
University of Science & Technology Beijing

Chinese Coal Tar and Coal Tar Pitch

Baogang Zhou
East River Asia

U.S. FCC Operations and Carbon Black Feedstock Market Review

Mr. Vincent Guercio, Mr. Tim Bart
CTC International, Carbon Management International, LLC

Naphthalene - a general review

Mr. Kris Truyens
Rain Carbon Inc.