2016 - Seoul

Market Overview & Outlook of South Korea’s Coal Tar & Carbon Black Industries

Mr. YooShin Kim, Executive Vice President
OCI Company, Limited, Seoul, Korea

Global Coke Production 2016 & Beyond: Is there enough Coal Tar for Everybody?

Mr. Andrew Jones
Resource-Net, Brussels, Belgium

Chinese Steel, Coking, Coal Tar & Aluminum Production 2016 Review

Mr. Deng Xiaoxing and Ms. Fengqin Liu
East River Asia Limited and China Non-Ferrous Metal Mining (Group) Cp., Ltd., Beijing, China

European Coal Tar Industry 2016 & Beyond: What is its future?

Dr. Zygmunt Stompel, Consultant
Katowice, Poland

Science to Inform Classification & Regulation of Coal Tar

Dr. Anne P. LeHuray, Ph.D.
Chemical Management Associates, LLC, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Global Aluminium Market Overview 2016

Ms. Terece Muir, Senior Consultant
CRU, London, United Kingdom

2016 China Coal Tar & Coal Tar Pitch Market Update

Mr. Zhou Baogang
East River Asia Limited, Beijing, China

Needle Coke from Asian Pitch – Boom Turns into Bust

Mr. Vince Guercio, Consultant
CTC International Inc., Montclair, NJ, USA

Application & Development of Naphthalene & Methylnaphthalene Series Intermediates in Dyestuf

Mr. Ou Qi, Chief Technical Officer
Zhejiang Longsheng Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, China

Proabd®Processes, Coal Tar Distillation Product Mix Adjustment

Dr. Loic Guillou, Technology Manager
Fives Proabd, Mulhouse Cedex, France