2014 - Istanbul

Challenges and Opportunities in Turkey

Mr. Ihsan Necipoglu
Dow Chemical Company

European Coal Tar Industry Review 2014

Dr. Zygmunt Stompel

Global Aluminium Market Overview with focus on Europe and the Middle East

Anthony Everiss, Consultant, Aluminium Raw Materials
CRU Analysis

Regulatory Issues Facing Coal Tar Industry in Europe-2014 & Beyond

Mrs. Kirsten T?nnesen

Coal Tar Pitch Specifications for Anode Production in the Carbon Plant

Mr. Michalis Fratzeskos, Purchasing & Transportation Dir.
Aluminum S.A.

China Coal Tar CBFS - Impact on World CB Markets

Li Bingyan and Vincent J. Guercio
China Carbon Black Institute, CTC International

Polynaphthalene Sulfonates Manufacturing, Markets, Volumes

Mr. Barney Heller - BSc, MBA
Hardt Chemical Inc.

Coal Tar Hydrogenation Technology

Mr. Xiang Yuqiao, General Manager
Ningbo Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Chinese Aluminum Production 2014 - Market (SWOT) Analysis

Dr. Fengqin Liu, Deputy Director, Scientific & Technology Dept.
Non-Ferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co. Ltd.

China Coal Tar & Coal Tar Pitch Market Update 2014

Deng Xiaoxing
East River Asia Limited