ITA Services

Lobbying Efforts:

The ITA is actively lobbying on behalf of its members on crucial concerns directly affecting the sector including, but not limited to Naphthalene classification, REACH Program IMO regulations, etc.

ITA Website:

The ITA website provides information on the association, updates on the Annual Conference, and provides member companies access to the Association’s database of technical and market presentations and Association reports.

Technical Committee:

The ITA Technical Committee promotes the compliance of members with national and international regulations. In addition, technical matters arising in the industry can be studied and explored under the committee.

Annual Conference:

The ITA Board of Directors organizes an Annual Conference open to both Member Companies and non-member conference delegates from related industries. The Annual Conference is an open forum for the industry, aimed at the technical and scientific development of the sector.

Antitrust Compliance:

An antitrust compliance program is maintained within the association to guarantee the full compliance of the activities of the association with North American, EU and International antitrust rules.