ITA Management

    ITA Management History

  • The International Tar Association (ITA) dates back to 1931 with the formation of the International Road Tar Conference (IRTC) at the Hague
  • Tar processors from nine European countries agreed at the first meeting to work in conjunction to promote the industry based on the technical merits of coal tar products for the construction of roads and other paving applications
  • By 1971 the driving force for the industry evolved to include a number of other coal tar based products including Binder Pitch for the aluminum and carbon graphite industries
  • In 1975 the official name of the organization was changed to the International Tar Conference (ITC) and the initiative was to invite coal processors from around the world to join
  • In 2003 the members met in Chicago and elected to transition the organization to its current status as the International Tar Association (ITA)
  • In 2014, the membership elected to change the Association’s domicile from Belgium to the United States. From January 1, 2014, the ITA is registered in the State of Florida as International Tar Association, Inc., with mailing address: 7208 W. Sand Lake Road, Suite 305, Orlando, FL 32814. The Association will continue to be called the International Tar Association and commonly referred to as the "ITA"
  • We continue to strive to solicit new members in order to perpetuate the Association well into the future