Key Objectives


The ITA, with its long history and its members’ global reach, is a global association with focus on the global Coal Tar Industry.

Professionalization & Communication:

The ITA has been organized as a not-for-profit corporation in the United States with domicile located in Orlando, Florida since January 2014. The day-to-day management of the association remains with the ITA Board of Directors and the ITA Administrator, in addition to retained Legal and Accounting Services to round complete the management team.

Strong communications within the Association remain a primary goal of the Board of Directors, as we aim to keep all member companies updated on the activities, meetings and annual conference information. Through frequent email communication, the ITA Update Report and continued communications between the Board of Directors, Administrator and Members, the ITA maintains strong overall communications. Further, the Annual Conference provides networking opportunities to our member companies and conference delegates to meet for discussion on related industries and topics.

Transparency & Compliance:

The ITA maintains legal counsel to help guide the association in maintaining the approved Association Bylaws. It maintains legal counsel in all General Assembly meetings and the Annual Conference to enforce the ITA’s comprehensive anti-trust compliance program. In addition, the Board of Directors provides full disclosure of all financial documents of the Association, including bank statements, budget and financial reports, to ensure members are kept abreast of the financial health of the association. An open policy for information on the Association is maintained for all member companies to access.


The International Tar Association provides a unified voice to the global marketplace in regards to the interests of its members. The philosophy of the ITA encompasses the following principles and values to be employed in conducting its services:

  • Defense of the common interests of the sector within the scope of globalization
  • Integrity of the association
  • Professionalism and Communications of the association
  • Transparency and Compliance
  • Promotion of free enterprise and a competitive environment in the sector
  • Strength and effectiveness through increasing membership
  • Environmental and Social responsibilities
  • Promotion of technical training and standards
  • Safety and Competence