ITA Grants

The International Tar Association has established a Grant Program providing an opportunity for an individual or institution to carryout specialized research related to the topics of coal tar production, coal tar distillation, processing of coal tar distillates, transportation of coal tar derived products or a related activity. Annually the ITA intends to allocate monies for the purpose of supporting research related to the objectives of the association. Detailed information and the application for this program include:

1. Grant Eligibility Criteria:

  • Topics and research available for ITA Grant consideration shall be related to the activities as defined in the Bylaws of the International Tar Association, Inc, specifically topics and research related to coal tar production, coal tar distillation, processing of coal tar distillates, transportation of coal tar derived products or a related activity.
  • To be eligible for grant consideration you must be one of the following:
    1. an individual registered for college or university level course work
    2. an educational institution
    3. a business organization
  • Institutions which conduct relevant course work and research are eligible for grant consideration.
  • In the case where an applicant is a child or a grandchild of a member of the ITA Grant & Scholarship Committee, said member shall be excused from reviewing and voting on said application.
  • Recipients of Grant monies from the Association are expected to provide periodic updates to the International Tar Association on the use of funds and research outcomes. From time to time, the ITA Board of Directors may invite an ITA Grant recipient to present research findings at a future ITA Annual Conference.

2. Tenure:

  • Research receiving grant funding shall commence between 3 months and one year from the date of available monies to an approved applicant.
  • The International Tar Association generally provides grant funding to projects expected to be completed within a 12 month period. If additional time is required for certain research, the applicant shall note the expected timeframe in the original application. Additional grant requests may be submitted to the Association for any previously funded projects/research extending beyond the originally stated timeframe.
  • The International Tar Association will accept one grant application per applicant per calendar year. For an application received by an institution or business, one grant application per institution or business per calendar year will be reviewed by the Association.

3. Grant Application:

  • Applicants need to submit a formal grant proposal application to the ITA Grants and Scholarship Committee, stating the objective of the project, the location where research would be completed, tenure and funding request required for the project (please complete the attached application).
  • Applications may be submitted to the Association throughout the year.
  • Applications should be submitted by email to Mr. Dragan Jankovic, ITA Vice President,
ITA Grant Application Form - English
ITA Grant Application Form - Chinese

4. Grant Selection Criteria:

  • Grant proposals received would be reviewed and evaluated by the Grants and Scholarship Committee as received.
  • The ITA Grants and Scholarship Committee will provide feedback to applicants within 60 days of a proposal submission.