2021 ITA Spring Meeting - Presentations

ITA 2021 Spring Meeting – Welcome

Mr. Tim Bart, President of the International Tar Association

Aluminium Market Outlook

Mr. Justin William Hughes, Head, Aluminium Raw Materials, CRU Analysis

Global Coal Tar Pitch Market Outlook in 2021

Ms. Julia Du, Senior Analyst, CRU Analysis

Chinese Coal Tar and Coal Tar Pitch Market Update

Mr. Zhou Baogang, East River Asia Limited

Asia Carbon Black Feedstock Overview, Chinese Coal Tar Price Analysis & Marine Fuel Oil Pricing

Mr. Vincent J. Guercio, CTC International and Mr. Tim Bart, CMI

Coal Tar Distillate, Creosote, Testing Program presented by Creosote Council III

Mr. Nick Skoulis, PhD, Technical Advisor Creosote Council